Project Details

Among the multiple challenges and long-term issues Europe is facing, energy efficiency, climate change and decarbonation are at the very heart of the on-going strategy of Europe: one of the headline targets supporting the strategy is that the “20/20/20″ climate/energy targets should be met, including a possible reduction of CO2 emissions as well as an optimisation in the use of resources. The 20/20/20 targets include:

  • A reduction of at least 20% in greenhouse-gas emissions by 2020;
  • A 20% share of renewable energies in EU energy consumption by 2020;
  • A 20% reduction of the EU’s total primary energy consumption by 2020 through increased energy efficiency.


The EeB-CA2 objectives-impact nexus – through the EeB-CA2 knowledge & brokering platform


The EeB-CA2 project intends to provide a set of instruments (technology- and geo-clustering (Figure 4), integrated dissemination and integrated technology transfer, and a supporting common knowledge platform) so as to increase awareness of EeB PPP project activities, speed up the industrial exploitation and take up of the results of the EeB PPP projects, and lay the grounds for future synergies and alliances oriented towards further RTD and industrial innovation, according to business and market trends.


To achieve awareness, and prepare technology transfer, EeB-CA2 will kick-start an integrated dissemination of clustered projects (foreground) knowledge, and in doing so will assist the clustered projects in knowledge transfer of projects outcomes to industry and market, thus potentially helping in reducing time to market of exploitation of the projects results and outcomes.