The role of the EeB-CA2 platform is to collect and cluster inputs / deliverables from all EeB cPPP projects, and is open to any technological and organisational solution as long as it deals with the Platform core and objectives, i.e. targeting technology deployment and transfer to market. The platform will provide detailed and concrete feedback to European stakeholders (and beyond) who can use it to map their needs with the solutions as submitted by the projects. Its aim is to organise a solution-oriented dialogue between all, yet diverse stakeholders to provide useful and usable outcomes – by stakeholders for stakeholders – at various levels. It is already anticipated that such levels may include the following ones (but others may be identified at the very start of the project):

  • Technological innovations: the EeB-CA2 platform will identify, spread and promote technological innovations of low carbon technologies (including energy systems, materials, ICT, etc.), highlighting current development, demonstration and deployment aspects of technology. The platform will not only collect and spread technological solutions, but respond to technological needs and challenges from (public or private) building owners and managers, as well as by preparing integrated solutions, and potentially offering technical integrated solutions drawn by a group of stakeholders including business planning aspects and financial support information.
  • Knowledge-sharing: the function of the Platform as a repository of knowledge and use cases / best-practice will be reinforced among others by making the Platform a one-stop shop for all stakeholders including notably solution providers, local governments – for districts / neighbourhoods targets, the research community (private & public), funders and financiers as well as policy makers from the EU and member states. The platform will offer a link between demand and supply, helping those looking for solutions to find the right solution providers. This is done by integrating online search tools in the platform, but also with the active collaboration and dialogue with the various expert WGs.


EeB-CA2 intends to start achieving a European-wide broad network of stakeholders connections in Europe, as exhibited in Figure.



The EeB-CA2 Platform – stakeholders links