Energy Efficient Buildings Association

E2BA (Energy Efficient Buildings Association) is an a.i.s.b.l. established in 2008 under the Belgium Law. The overall objective of E2BA is to deliver, implement and optimise building and districts concepts that have the technical, economic and societal potential to drastically decrease the energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions due to existing and new buildings at the overall scale of the European Union. The E2BA aims at speeding up research on key technologies thus developing a competitive industry in the fields of energy efficient construction processes, products and services, with the main purpose of reaching the goals set forth for 2020 and 2050 to address climate change issues and contribute to improve EU energy independence thereby transforming these challenges into a business opportunityā€¯. Created in 2008, E2BA currently groups around 130 members across Europe, including SMEs and Large companies, Research Centres, Universities and end users as regional agencies. The industry around the E2BA, covering the whole supply and value chain of energy efficient buildings and districts, is committed to mobilize the necessary resources to achieve a radical change towards energy efficient buildings and districts at the level of the European Union. On 17 December E2BA signed the Energy Efficient Buildings (EeB) contractual Public Private Partnership (cPPP) with the European Commission. A financial envelope from H2020 is allocated for the EeB cPPP for the next seven years under H2020, whilst the construction sector and related industry committed themselves to continuing investing in Research, Demonstration and Innovation (RDI) activities, and more important to leverage the investments in this field by a Factor 4.
Since its creation in 2008, E2BA has been strongly involved in interacting with Its Members, EeB PPP projects and other stakeholders. For example, E2BA has co-ordinated the development of the 2 successive issues of the Multiannual Roadmap within the EeB PPP (2010-3013 and H2020). E2BA was involved in the Building Up and GE2O CSAs dealing with long term road-mapping in energy efficient buildings in close cooperation with relevant European Technology Platforms and a geo-clustering approach. At last but not least, E2BA was strongly involved in the PPP Impact Workshops organised every year by the EC to analyse project impacts through a clustering approach.


Contact Person: Anne Claire Streck